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If you want a successful blueprint for how to spend your weekends, take a peek into the weekend routines of successful entrepreneurs. As people who’re very busy all week, they give plenty of importance to their weekends and try to use them as well as they can. So if we can take a leaf or two from their book, we can use our weekends much better. Curious to know what successful entrepreneurs do on weekends? Here’s the scoop:

1. They wake up early even on weekends. Successful entrepreneurs obviously wake up early on weekdays; it’s key to getting a lot of stuff done in the day. But they carry this habit into the weekends too, so that the routine doesn’t break.

2. They engage in some physical activity. Getting regular exercise is a priority for entrepreneurs. So they workout through the week. On the weekends, they like to keep it going, but in a different form — trekking, biking, swimming, etc.

3. They make time for family and friends. The hectic workweek doesn’t allow them any time to spend with family and friends. So they make up for this lost time on weekends. This also helps them get away from their work world for a bit.

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4. They network at events. Networking is not something you do once in a while. It’s an ongoing activity that’s done whenever the situation calls for it. So successful entrepreneurs like to attend events and build their network on weekends.

5. They pursue a passion. Since work eats up most of their time on weekdays, they like to spend some time on pursuing a passion. Painting, biking, writing, stargazing are some examples of passion projects that entrepreneurs might engage in.

6. They spend time in solitude. Because the week’s so hectic, they don’t get much opportunity to be by themselves and reflect on things or engage in activities. So a solo activity like writing a journal offers a way for them to relax and unwind.

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7. They plan for the week ahead. Most people treat Mondays like the first day of the week. Successful entrepreneurs, however, start their week on Sundays, as they use that time to plan and prepare for the week ahead.

8. They unplug from technology. They don’t stop using technology for the whole weekend, as that’s next to impossible these days. But they do get away from their gadgets for certain periods of time during the weekend and live in the moment.