Locate your Car in the Busiest of Parking Lots

You have a smartphone? Take a picture. It’s that simple. Apps are a good alternative, but if you can take a picture, you won’t need an app.


Image Source: eCornell


Create your Own Storage Space

Take your shoe out and place it in between the front seats. Then store whatever you want into it. Though temporary, this hack can be really useful when you’re unprepared for extra things.



Simplest Phone Holder

Take a rubber hand, stretch it around the AC/fan vents, and put your phone in there — tada! Your phone’s held up in place like by a holder.


Image Source: Reddit user jeririm via Popsugar


Remove Medium-sized Dents with Ease

Use a plunger. Really effective in removing small-to-mid-sized dents.



Cool your Car’s Interiors in Seconds

Roll up the window on the passenger’s side of the car. Then, open and close the door several times really swiftly (don’t have to shut it – just the open-and-close motion). This will eject the hot air outside and bring in the cool air.


Image Source: Humdy


Clean those Foggy Headlights using Toothpaste

Apply toothpaste on the lens with a soft cloth. Then rinse it with clean water and leave it to dry. The difference is massive.


Image Source: Sarah Lipoff/Popsugar


Fix Scratches with Clear Nail Polish

Sometimes, your manufacturer may not have the same color paint that’s on your car. In that case, a small nail polish in a shade that’s very similar to your car’s will do the trick.


Image Source: Pinterest


Take the Stickers off your Car with a Newspaper

Soak the newspaper in wet water and then place it over the sticker. The warm water will penetrate into the sticker, which will make it easy to peel off.


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