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The growing rate of crimes against women has meant that personal safety is now paramount. Whether you’re travelling in your office cab or driving your own car, walking in an unknown street or the lane just near your house, a woman needs to be vigilant every moment. She should always be aware of her surroundings and look for potential threats.

Here are some safety tips that’ll help you be on guard and stay safe at all times.

1. Be cautious with your social media updates. Remember, there’s no lack of stalkers, so avoid social media check-ins when you’re out somewhere. But, if you’re eager to do it, try to check in when you’re leaving the place, not right after you enter.

2. Always carry emergency cash with you so that you can avoid withdrawing money from the ATM when you’re alone. Keep it in a secret pocket in the handbag or elsewhere so that you can reach home safe even if you happen to lose your purse to a goon.

3. Ensure that your phone is always charged, and keep emergency phone numbers on speed dial. Keep sufficient credit balance to call people in case you get stranded on your way back home after a night-shift at the workplace.

4. Always remember to carry self-defense aids like pepper spray, open-assist knife, alarm key chain or a loud whistle to protect yourself from attacks. Also, it’s better to learn some self-defense techniques to protect yourself during an attack.

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5. Avoid sitting in your car for long when not driving, and also remember to lock all doors and keep the windows rolled up when driving. Because you never know when some predator might target you while you’re busy fixing your make-up in your rear view mirror.

6. When you enter unfamiliar multi-storeyed buildings and apartments, always use the elevator instead of taking the staircase to avoid assault. Stairways have been recognized as one of the prime spots for sexual harassment attempts.

7. When you’re out partying in a pub, always try to keep your glass of drink in your hand, so that no one gets the chance to spike it. Also, avoid leaving the party alone, especially when it’s a late night party, and leave with the person you came to the party with.

8. Prevent attacks at home by never allowing anyone you don’t know into the boundaries of your house. Also, trim the shrubs near your boundary wall, doors and windows so that no one can hide there and break into your house later at night.