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A bad relationship can have a detrimental effect not only on one’s mental health, but on physical health too. Just being in a relationship— unhappy or not, can sometimes put you at a higher tendency of developing lifestyle-related medical conditions and diseases, that single people are less likely to develop.

1. Your relationship can make you gain weight.

People in relationships tend to be lackadaisical about their health and fitness, putting them at a higher risk of developing obesity and unhealthy eating than singles.

2. It can slow down your rate of recovery.

The recovery period after major surgeries or treatment, is often long. It is recommended that this time in a place that is familiar and comfortable to the patient, preferably their own home, as this corresponds with a higher rate of recovery. However an unsatisfactory or loveless relationship slows down the recovery of the person.

3. It can put you at a higher risk of heart disease.

Heart disease is closely linked to one’s lifestyle, and studies have shown that people in relationships tend to lead a more sedentary lifestyle, which in turn exposes their heart to issues like heart failure and coronary bypass.

4. It causes depression.

An unhappy relationship, or one where a person doesn’t feel loved and appreciated has been known to cause clinical depression and other mental health problems in people.

5. It can make you develop migraine.

Migraines are often brought on by life and love related stress. Being in an unhappy relationship could cause a person to develop clinical migraine, which is a serious health problem.

6. Hypertension is often caused by strife in relationships.

The kind of sedentary lifestyle most couples lead puts them at risk of developing conditions like hypertension, low or high blood pressure and increased cholesterol. Singles tend to lead fitter lives in comparison.

7. Stress-related lifestyle diseases.

Lifestyle diseases are often brought on by stress, and stressful relationship can be the leading cause of coronary problems, increased cholesterol levels, obesity and heart disease.

8. Mental health.

The impact of one’s love life, can be seen in the mental health department too. Conditions like obsessive compulsive disorder, low self esteem, sometimes even schizophrenia, are often brought on by unhappy or unhealthy relationships.