Do you feel like you keep getting shot-down, no matter what? That your efforts to be smooth-talking and slick never culminate in success and all your hard work seems for nothing? It’s not wrong to feel that way, but here’s what you could be doing wrong.

1. You come across as too-eager.

In this world of chill-worship and swag we live in, being too eager or keen can come across as desperation. Acting cool and laid-back is the key. You might be feeling anxious and nervous inside but keep it to yourself. Your best bet is to chill out and not take things too seriously.

2. Your views betray you.

Try as you might, what you say and think about things does have an impact on how you’re perceived. If your views make you sound sexist, biased or just plain weird, why would anyone want to go out with you? Read up on issues, keep yourself informed and aware, but most importantly, keep an open mind.

3. You have poor hygiene.

Bad grooming, body odor, or poor breath can turn girls off really quickly. Make sure you’re not saddled with any of those.

4. You’re offensive.

Let’s face it. If you act too presumptuous, are cocky and vain, display misogynistic tendencies, or have widely controversial views on sensitive issues, you will get shot down faster than you can say ‘Bitch!’. Don’t be a fuck-boy!

5. You don’t handle rejection well.

So your date said no to sex, or had other plans and turned you down. If you turn into an entitled whiny Mama’s boy, who is pissed at her for not putting before everything else, you can’t hope to have a girlfriend. Curtail your douche-baggery to get the right kind of girl.

6. You have fallen victim to “text-speak”.

“Wnna meet up 2nite”. Most people I know refuse to date a person who texts like this. No matter how good the first date might have been, talking like this instantly turns the other person off. Up your texting game by using grammatically correct, properly punctuated and full sentences.

7. You kept her waiting.

Your conduct during the first few dates is crucial. If you aren’t the picture of chivalry and courtesy even on the very first date, why would any girl want to go out with you again?

8. Booty call alert.

If she has sensed that you are just looking for some unattached fun, and are not looking for a serious relationship, she will bolt. Unless, of course, she wants the same thing. In which case, all the best! Girls are usually good at weeding out the non-serious ones, so if you are looking for just a fling, beware!

J.K. Rowling got rejected seventeen times before going on to become the most widely read author in all time. The spider in ‘King Solomon and the Spider’, fell down seven times before it could make it’s web. If you’ve been rejected one too many times, try just once more. This time could be your time!