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Robert Frost’s famous poem, Road Not Taken beautifully pitches the idea of taking the road less traveled. For years, it’s made people think about making bold, brave choices instead of safe, secure ones. However, it hasn’t made the process of doing it any easier. Most people still prefer to remain in their comfort zones and choose popular paths for the fear of finding themselves stranded helpless and alone.

Acknowledging that setting off on new, unexplored paths is a hard choice, I’d like you to consider that it’s still a more rewarding, fulfilling choice that living in a cocoon. Here are 8 reasons you should adopt the road less traveled:

1. It offers you the wonderful opportunity to discover new things. You get to feel or experience something new and share it with others, who feel amazed by the discovery.

2. It challenges you to grow. Oh, yes, the road less traveled is not walk in the park. It’s new, and the old formulas may not work here. You’ll be stretched, and you’ll grow if you persist.

3. It allows us to lead a fulfilling life. We all have choices we wish we could make but don’t out of a fear of consequences. Taking the road less taken lets you make these choices.

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4. It gives you greater freedom since not all the rules on this new path are set in stone. You can invent your rules as you go along, and live your life more in the way that you’d like to.

5. It gives you the chance to find your calling. You don’t always have to know what you want in life. If you’re open to life, life can steer you to places of beauty.

6. It teaches you to embrace uncertainty, which is a great source of power and mystery in this world. People who are comfortable with uncertainty live a life of beauty and wonder.

Image Source: Uncertain Path, firestripe

7. It puts you in touch with some rather odd and interesting people along the way, who themselves were brave enough to try a different path and explore new opportunities.

8. It makes you happy. If you saw this path and found it to be a road you’d like to set upon, don’t ignore this strong instinct. It comes from within and from a place of happiness.