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Right from the start of the ICC World Twenty20 in South Africa in 2007, MS Dhoni has never disappointed us with his performance as the team captain. There have been many instances when we have criticized his decisions and declared him unfit to lead our cricket team, but each time we’ve done that, he’s impressed us with his out-of-the-box thinking and smart captaincy.

Whether we win or lose, Dhoni continues to maintain his image of Captain Cool. Here are eight reason he’s the best captain Indian cricket has ever seen:

1. He hardly loses his cool.

No matter how many wickets we lose or how badly we field, you’ll hardly ever see Dhoni shouting at his team or losing his cool. If he sees that something is not working well for the team, he alters his strategy instead of blurting something randomly at the players.

2. He’s a team player.

He always puts the team’s interests ahead of his own. You’ll never see him pushing himself up the batting order just to get more chances at scoring runs. He prefers coming in at the 7th spot and does his best to rotate strike and let the in-form batsmen play. He likes to stay there until the end, quickly taking singles and doubles and usually looking to finish the game.

3. He gives everyone the chance they deserve.

Instead of making a talented player sit out of the match, he analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of his entire team and gives everyone the chance they deserve. Although he always gets criticized for a lot of decisions he takes, that doesn’t stop him from backing all the players and giving everyone a chance.

4. He encourages young players.

When it comes to balancing experienced players and newcomers, Dhoni handles it magnificently well. He always encourages young players, and you’ll often see him speaking to them to back their confidence up. According to the requirement of the game, he lets them experiment and takes well-calculated risks and decisions.

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5. He has the right balance of out-of-the-box thinking and experience.

Dhoni has mastered the art of balancing his out-of-the-box thinking and experience well. Since he has been a part of the Indian team for long now, he knows how one small decision can impact the entire game. Therefore, he carefully decides where he can experiment and where he needs to follow conventional strategies.

6. He’s the best wicket-keeper batsman India’s ever had.

Thanks to his lightening fast speed and extremely quick reflexes, Dhoni continues to be the best wicket-keeper batsman India’s ever had. He has made some tough stumpings look like a piece of cake and currently holds the world record for maximum stumpings in International cricket.

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7. He always has a backup ready.

Dhoni is known for making quick decisions on the field. He hardly takes any time to think and comes up with the most efficient strategy according to the situation. In case his initial plan fails, he doesn’t take long to come up with a backup plan. He makes the most unexpected decisions that often raise a few eyebrows but mostly happen to work for the team.

8. He is fearless.

Dhoni neither fears anyone from the opposition nor does he fear to lose the game. He believes in giving everything his best shot and takes decisions on the go, without fearing about make the wrong choices. He never reacts to sledging and asks the umpire to step in if things go out of control.