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The world has changed rapidly over the last couple of decades. The advances in technology has significantly altered the way we lead our lives. Some skills from back in the day are now becoming extinct, and some others are being born as a product of the modern times. With simple values like self-sufficiency, independence, and free expression in mind, here are eight basic skills that you should develop, or at least be acquainted with, in our times.

1. Cooking

There’s been an unspoken domestic arrangement in place for at least centuries now that women should cook and take care of the house while men go out and make a living. This arrangement is now falling apart as people are realizing that such segregation of roles is unnecessary, and often unfair. In this new world order, both men and women should know how to cook and make a living if they have to. This helps them be more independent and take the pressure off their domestic partners.

2. Photography

This is the age of Instagram. There aren’t many people I know who are active on social media networks but aren’t on Instagram. The popularity of this social media platform has turned everyone into amateur photographers. While some professional photographers may not like this trend, the habit of taking pictures is a wonderful tool, as people can use it for different reasons, from capturing moments with loved ones to capturing natural beauty to engaging in citizen journalism.

3. Writing

Just like everyone’s turning into amateur photographers, everyone’s also turning into writers. The copious blogs, websites, and social media accounts that flood the web today is a testimony to this new trend. The internet has provided a platform for people to voice their opinion, or simply be heard, which is a basic human desire. You should embrace writing too, as a way to improve your career prospects, to dive in and introspect on your life for your betterment, and to make a difference in society.

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4. Reading

Unlike photography and writing, reading is, unfortunately, on the wane around the world. People are now satisfying themselves with funny pictures, little animated gifs, videos, and other snack-able stuff spread across the world wide web. While these new formats are an excellent step ahead for media creation and consumption, nothing can replace books in terms of learning values, acquiring knowledge, broadening perspectives, and riding to new and exciting places on the backs of powerful writing.

5. Carpentry

Consumption has become such a big part of our life in the modern times that we’ve lost touch with the simple act of making things. Now, we prefer to get things made for us because we think we have other better things to do and can afford it. In the old days, our fathers or grandfathers occasionally built chairs or tables on their day off and repaired broken things at home. Not only did doing such things give them joy; it instilled a sense of self-sufficiency in them that every twenty-something should aspire for in this age.

6. Electrical repairs

If you can fix the wiring around the house, you won’t need to go out in search of an electrician when there’s an electrical problem in the house. You also wouldn’t have to shell out any money for it. Besides helping you be self-sufficient, doing electrical repairs offers the charm that you can find with carpentry – sitting down in your time off with wires, cutting pliers, and the screw driver, and fixing things so you can enjoy a basic domestic necessity, power. It’s refreshing to think of life in its simplest terms.

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7. Basic coding

Learning languages in today’s times include learning C, C++, HTML, JAVA, and the like. It’s because the world is rapidly moving towards becoming largely technology-supported – as it already is in several ways, and knowing programming languages will come in handy for such a time. You don’t have to pursue a career in it – even though you can if you need to, but can use it from time to time to resolve minor issues or to make technology work even better for you.

8. Conversational skills

Everyone’s communicating with each other from behind dimly lit screens these days. It’s largely texts and the occasional phone call, which may seem harmless at first but is responsible for the widening emotional distance between people. Being online a little too much is chipping away at natural human connection, but the art of conversation can help you step out of this toxic habit and connect with people in a more intimate way. Bonding with other people is one of life’s most important currencies. And as a twenty-something, it’s important to understand it.