Image Source: The Modern Man

Letting a girl know you’re interested in her, without coming across as persistent, annoying, or worse, creepy, shouldn’t be very hard. But, unfortunately, many guys need to be schooled in the art of wooing in a classy way. Here’s how you do it.

1. Strike up a conversation.

A real one, one that isn’t just aimed at getting to know her better, or draw her out. Talk about casual things; make small talk. Don’t make it all about her and you. That will make her feel backed into a corner.

2. Make friends with her.

Friends are non-threatening. Friends are not creeps. If you are her friend first, it will make it easier to ask her out. Don’t come on too strong right at the beginning. Keep it platonic and friendly.

3. Ask her to hang out.

Focus on the activity, not the date. A casual and simple way to ask a girl out is to suggest an activity you both love, and to do it casually. Make it sound like friends hanging out, not like a date.

4. Don’t be an online creep.

Don’t just jump to texting her on whatsapp. That is not only creepy and entitled, it is the coward’s way out. Be a man, and have a face to face convo first. It is only acceptable to text or Facebook-message someone, when you are friends or at least friendly acquaintances in real life first.

5. Develop a bond over shared interests.

If you share an interest, talk about it, and make her feel comfortable. Don’t go putting yourself out there too much. Don’t make the conversations all about her.

6. Make a move only when you’re sure she likes you.

When you’ve been on a load of dates, or hang-outs, you will know that she doesn’t mind spending time with you, and finds you affable. That is the time to take it a step further. Don’t do it too soon, or you will get rebuffed badly.

7. Better yet, let her make the first move.

If you’ve been on lots of dates together, and know you like each other, why not let her make a move? When you don’t seem over wager, it puts her at ease, and letting her choose when to take it forward, is an novelty for her and you. That way, you can be sure of her affections.

8. Don’t take rejection too personally.

If you face rejection, take it in your stride. Show her that you can take it, and not be offended, annoyed or hurt at it. There’s no accounting for tastes, and you can still be friends. And who knows? Showing her how maturely you take it might just make her fall for you.