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You don’t need anything else to kill your motivation if you’re doing it yourself. It’s mighty unfortunate because you don’t even know that you’re doing it — it just happens as a result of certain ways of thinking and your habits. But if you can identify the ways in which you demotivate yourself, you can weed them out and stay motivated for longer periods of time. Here’s some help as to what these demotivating factors could be:

1. You’re not enjoying what you’re doing.

Remember how when you were little, you had to be forcefully dragged back home from playing football for too long? At the same time, you had to be pushed into studying or completing your homework, or you just wouldn’t do it. That’s the difference between doing something you enjoy and something you dislike. Channelize that passion for what you love into the present and try to enjoy what you’re doing in the present. That’ll keep you motivated for longer.

2. You’re pushing yourself too hard.

You should always look at life like a marathon instead of a sprint. If you push yourself too hard too soon, you’ll find yourself feeling worn out and beaten down in quick time. The right thing to do is to pace yourself well. Take your time, spread out the hard work over a reasonable amount of time, and march at a pace that’s neither too strenuous nor too comfortable.

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3. You’re not celebrating the small wins.

If you’re too focused on the end goal, you aren’t going to be able to enjoy the little steps along the way. And then the path ends up seeming like a tough one to tread upon. Set small, achievable milestones for yourself so that you accumulate many small wins along the way, instead of just waiting to achieve that end goal. That’ll keep you feeling good about your victories.

4. You’re chasing perfection.

Perfection is an unattainable state. A perfectionist may or may not know this fact, but they can’t help but relentlessly chase after perfection, only to never find it. This constant effort for long periods without any results to show for it drains a perfectionist out, and they start to run out of steam. The truth is, perfection is unnecessary. You should instead strive to do the best you can and then let go so you can happily move on to your next chase.

5. You’re constantly comparing yourself to others.

People either forget or don’t think that their life doesn’t have to resemble anyone else’s. We have this tendency to look at a successful person’s journey and try to emulate it. While it’s perfectly alright to do it, you shouldn’t have to do it just because someone’s found success in that way of life. Find out what matters to you and construct a life around it. That’ll keep you motivated and happy all your life.

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6. You’re spending too much time with negative folk.

Few things in life drag us down like negative people do. Their constant chatter about what’s not possible makes you think like there aren’t enough opportunities for you to live a happy life. Their endless talk about what you should and shouldn’t do, and their incessant judgments, discourage you from taking the path of your choice, and make you feel like you have to conform to society’s ways to lead a ‘proper’ life.

7. You’re not sure about where you’re headed.

Probably the biggest motivation killer is being unsure of your purpose in life. What’re you trying to achieve in your life and why? That’s the question you should seek to answer if you have to have a purpose in life. Once you know the ‘why’, it’ll seem like you have a big well of motivation to draw from anytime you feel your motivation levels dipping.