Happy Couple Dream New Home

It can sometimes be hard to gauge signs, specially for guys. Here’s how you can tell if your girlfriend really loves you and wants a future with you?

1. When she talks about the future, you feature in it.

When, unconsciously, her future plans involve you and assume you’ll be there by her side, always, she hasn’t even realized it, but she’s serious about you.

2. You’ve been on or are planning trips together.

Taking a vacation or a trip together is a huge step on the path to a serious relationship. It’s a sure indicator that your relationship is long run material.

3. She makes you a priority.

With so many things to do, and so many places to be at, the unimportant things get sidelined. We end up doing only those things that are important to us. If your girl makes time for you, and prioritizes you over things and people, she is definitely serious about you!

4. You’ve met her parents..or will.

If your girl talks about getting you to meet her parents, or even jokes about it, boy, is she hooked! Big time! Only when a girl is serious about someone will she consider taking him to meet her parents, and if she is dreaming about that day, it is bound to come up in a conversation sometime. This is a clear indicator that a girl is imagining a future with you.

5. She makes an effort for you.

There’s always a surprise waiting on your birthday, even if she’s not in the same city, she never makes you wait, and is always ready to meet up. The reason she is making such an effort for you is because you mean something to her and she doesn’t want to lose you.

6. She makes the first move after a fight.

If she even bothers trying to make up after a fight rather than leaving it to you, then she obviously cherishes you and would never do anything to hurt you.

7. She has shown you her vulnerable side.

If she has opened up to you and bared her innermost, most vulnerable side, then she is definitely in this for the long run. She loves you and wants you to be there with her.

When a girl is serious about you, it starts showing in the little things she does, the words she unknowingly lets slip. You just have to pick up on those subtle signals.