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Relationships are something that can change our lives for good and for worse. When a relationship is over, you feel hopeless and desperate. Suddenly every other thing makes no sense, and it can even feel like the end of everything. Ending a relationship is really going to hurt even if you’ve made the choice to breakup.

So, here are a few ways to help you get out the break-up phase of your life.

1. Stop stalking him on social media.

After a breakup there is no other option but to move on. This means you have to keep away from the person physically, and also from his social media pages. Always checking his Facebook page is not going to help you in any way. By keeping a track of what is happening in his life, you will only make yourself feel miserable.

2. Find a new activity.

A break-up takes time to heal. But you can make an effort to keep yourself busy during this struggling phase of your life. Doing new things in life helps you begin a new chapter. Find a new hobby like learning a musical instrument or try painting. These are activities that will keep you engaged and distracted from your ex.

3. Change your location.

Believe it or not, moving out of your comfort zone makes a lot of difference. It helps you forget old memories and begin a new chapter in your life. You will meet new people, start doing new things and visiting new places. This will help you get over everything in the past.

4. Engage in social causes.

Volunteer with an organisation that fights for social causes. As you involve with them, you will realize that there’s so much out there to be worried about. Children without parents and women without homes are looking forward to each new day. You will be inspired by how positive they are in spite of their struggling lives.

5. Find clarity and closure.

At times, we make an effort to get back to our ex. We don’t realize that it’s over. This keeps us waiting and hoping for something to happen. However when you are clear that there is no hope and you receive closure from your ex, you will be able to move on in life.

6. Get a makeover.

Get a complete makeover so that you can feel good about yourself. When you feel positive and confident, you let go of your painful memories and look ahead for a bright future. Getting a complete makeover can be your first step to starting a new chapter in life.

7. Be open to meet new people

Meeting new people during this phase can make a difference in your life. You’ll make good friends and you even end up meeting like-minded people with whom you can spend your time. By meeting people, you find ways to transport yourself away from the past experiences.