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Only when you’re motivated will you be able to push yourself through barriers and find success. But motivation alone can’t take you far since it rises and falls from time to time. What you need to have, in addition to motivation, is discipline. It helps you keep working even if you feel like you’re not in the mood for it.

Here are six ways motivation and disciple together can make you successful.

1. You stay determined.

Motivation and discipline, when put together, will help you stay determined in your work. You’ll stay passionate in whatever you do, and your enthusiasm will help you work through the barriers.

2. You become organised in your work.

Motivation and discipline help you stay organised in your work. You do your best to achieve success, but at the same time, you take things step by step and proceed. When you work this way, you find a better chance at achieving success.

3. You follow the rules diligently.

If you’re disciplined in the things you do, you tend to make sure that you stick to the rules. You remain motivated and passionate about your work for extended periods.

4. You learn from your mistakes and grow.

When you’re motivated and disciplined, you don’t stop yourself from doing your best. You also don’t get bogged down by failure; you just keep learning and moving on quickly towards success.

5. You remain persistent.

When you’re disciplined and motivated in your work, you don’t stop working hard. You keep going despite how hard the situation gets. You develop tremendous self-belief, and with that comes persistence.

6. You push yourself constantly.

You push yourself even when things sometimes don’t go as planned. You don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. You don’t allow little things to stop you from striving to make your dreams come true.

7. You stop procrastinating.

When you’re motivated by the things you do and apply discipline, you stop pushing things for later. You don’t keep important things for another time. This helps you do the work when you ought to and helps you succeed much quicker.