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Most negative feelings that we experience hurt us. They don’t help us in any way, but pull us down and make us feel miserable. It seems quite natural to feel negative about ourselves, our experiences, and other people in our life. And at times, we assume that these things cannot be avoided. However, trying our best to keep these feelings at bay can help us avoid them and live a happier life.

Here are seven things happy people avoid.

1. Anger

If you’re a short-tempered person, your anger has caused you a lot of problems in your life. Anger kills the mood, breaks relationships, and changes the way people look at you, in the process, taking away every ounce of happiness from your life.

2. Insecurity

Feeling insecure makes you feel hopeless and sad. You’re always trying to be someone else. You don’t appreciate the person you are. This mindset affects you negatively, and you can never be happy when you feel small about yourself.

3. Jealousy

The feeling of jealousy can prevent you from enjoying your life, as you constantly look at how amazing other people’s lives are and think about how yours pales in comparison. This even ruins relationships and stops you from being who you are.

4. Pessimism

Some of us grapple with negative feelings all the time. We inject cynicism into most things that happen in our lives. Constantly harboring a feeling or sense of negativity around things makes us feel low and upset in life.

5. Anxiety

A feeling of anxiety and fear about the future prevents us from making full use of the time we have now. Once you’re hell bent on creating a certain kind of future, you miss out on all the good and happy things happening in the present.

6. Fear

Fear can turn every single day miserable. You are so scared of certain things in your life that you cannot live each day fully. It unfortunately seeps into everything you do, making your life difficult.

7. Hostility

Hostility fosters bitterness and aggression. This strong, negative feeling snatches away your peace of mind and keeps you constantly upset. Happiness seems like a million miles away when you’re confronted with hostility, within or outside.