Jealousy is usually condemned and decried in public life. People are told to ‘chill’ and let go of their jealousy. But there are times when jealousy is not only healthy, it is completely justified.

1. You’re on a date, and your partner flirts with someone else.

A little light flirting is okay, even for people in relationships. But there are places where a line has to be drawn. Flirting with someone else right in front of your partner, particularly when you’re out to spend some romantic time together, is the height of insensitivity. If your partner does that to you, you have every right to be offended and jealous.

2. Your partner doesn’t have time for you.

Quality time together is what keeps a relationship going. No one should have to compete with work, friends, or another person for time with their partner.

3. Your partner forms an emotional bond with someone.

Relationships are about sharing everything together. A relationship means keeping your partner aware of everything that happens in your life, and sharing your joys and sorrows with them. When someone else becomes the receptacle for these joys and sorrows, your partner will, and rightly so, be jealous. It is their right.

4. Your partner’s always on his/her phone.

It is rude to check one’s phone when out for dinner with someone. It is ruder when you’re on a date, and that someone is your partner. If your partner is a freak who’s always glued to his phone, it’s okay to be jealous. You have to put your foot down.

5. You are being lied to.

Whether for an innocent reason or not, if your partner is lying to you, and you know it, you have every right to get your guard up, and maybe be a little jealous. Honesty is something everyone deserves in a relationship.

6. Your partner seems to be nice to everyone but you.

Sometimes we take the ones we love for granted. Sometimes they annoy us, and we let that annoyance show, which is something we wouldn’t do with casual acquaintances. If your partner makes an effort for everyone but you, you have a right to be jealous. You deserve care and consideration too.

7. You feel like you’re partner isn’t giving you any attention.

Humans are depraved creatures, and we crave attention from everyone. One of the good things about being in a relationship is that you’re assured of attention whenever you need it, and a sympathetic ear to listen to all your troubles. If your partner isn’t fulfilling that need, go ahead, be jealous. It is a basic right.