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Image Source: Empowher

When you’ve been with someone a long while, you begin to understand them like no one else does. You learn all their weird quirks and strange traits, but you also learn a lot about yourself. It takes dedication to maintain a relationship for a long time, and who better than people in long term relationships, to take love and sex tips from?

1. You can’t know a person till you’ve lived with them.

Think you know your partner really well? Think again. Couples in long term relationships will tell you that living with someone is a revelation that surprises you completely.

2. Love conquers all.

You might fights, you might go through a rough patch, and you might be wildly incompatible, but if you love each other enough, it will all work out. Love is really all it takes to keep a relationship going. You can get over all your issues, if only there is love.

3. You have your own inside jokes that no one understands.

You sometimes know what the other is thinking, without them saying a word. You can communicate through glances, and your inside jokes sometimes make it seem like you are speaking a different language altogether. It annoys people around you, but to you, it is just a symbol of your deep, deep love for each other.

4. Time brings a deeper connection.

You might fall in love at a glance, get engaged in a week, and get married in a month, but there is something time brings that nothing else can. It is understanding. The longer you spend together, the better you get to know each other, and the deeper your connection grows.

5. Fantasies are meant for sharing.

You pledged to share life with your partner, then why not your fantasies? It can only make your bond closer, and lead to awesomely crazy sex. Don’t be shy with your partner, and never be judgmental about their fantasies either. Together, you can make it work.

6. Good communication is the key to a healthy relationship.

If you don’t share your feelings with each other, you will soon turn into strangers who live together. Bad communication causes resentment, misunderstandings and frustration. It also chips away at the love you have for each other, and is a major cause of irritation in relationships. Always be frank with your partner, and don’t keep your feelings bottled up.

7. Chores are meant to be shared, too.

You can’t have a healthy, balanced relationship if you don’t share every burden, including that of household chores. Letting one partner do more than their share of work, causes resentment and pent up anger, in relationships. A happy relationship can’t be one-sided. You have to have an equal share in everything, in order for the relationship to be successful, balanced, healthy and happy.