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Having made a commitment to one’s partner, one of course, wants to be loyal and faithful to them in every way. But there’s more to loyalty than just fidelity. Loyalty encompasses being faithful to your partner, being honest about your thoughts and feelings, and honoring your commitments.

1. It means staying true to yourself.

You cannot be loyal unless you are honest with yourself. By being disloyal to a partner, you are only deceiving yourself, no matter how smart you may be at hiding it. Loyalty to a partner comes only with loyalty to self. You have to be transparent, honest and above board in all your dealings, and have to be true to yourself, in order to be truly loyal and faithful to your partner or others.

2. Loyalty includes emotional fidelity.

Loyalty isn’t just about not cheating physically on your partner. If you form an emotional bond with someone, without getting physically intimate, that still counts as cheating. Emotional intimacy is as bad as physical intimacy, so whether you are flirting with strangers online, meeting someone discreetly without having sex, or have fallen in love with someone else, it’s still cheating.

3. It means not doing something you would have to hide from your partner.

Anything that makes you feel the need to hide it from your partner, or keep a low profile, is probably morally wrong in some way, and flirts with the boundaries of being unfaithful. Loyalty means never having to hide anything from, or lie to your partner.

4. It means sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Loyalty is all about being honest with your partner. Your feelings, emotions and reactions to things are all up for scrutiny if you want to be completely loyal. You can’t be loyal without sharing everything you think and feel, with your partner.

5. It means never deceiving your partner, even with white lies.

If you think the little white lies you tell your partner, aren’t a form of disloyalty, think again. Whether it is about how much you spent on that new Xbox, telling your partner that new dress doesn’t quite suit them, or being honest about your feelings toward them, loyalty comes in many forms.

6. It means honoring your obligations.

Loyalty doesn’t just mean staying faithful to your partner. It means honoring and fulfilling your obligations to them and others. If you say you’ll kick a bad habit, kick it. If it’s your turn to take out the trash, do it. Be a man of your word.

7. It means standing by your partner through good times and bad.

You vowed to be by this person’s side, through sickness and health, in good times and in bad. Honoring your vows and promises to them, is an important part of staying loyal to your partner. Be the solid rock they can always depend on.