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It is virtually impossible to complete something successfully unless you’re motivated enough to do it. Motivation is very hard to achieve and very easy to lose. Your negative attitude towards everything is enough to tear your motivation apart.

Here are seven negative things that hold the power to destroy your motivation:

1. Procrastination

Having a laid back attitude and pushing everything to tomorrow is not a great idea when it comes to staying motivated. When you push something to the next day, you also push the motivation to do that task away. To stay on track, it’s essential to stop procrastinating.

2. Distractions

To stay motivated, you need to keep all kinds of distractions away. Staying focused is the only way to staying motivated. Once you start thinking about irrelevant things and scenarios, you are more likely to get distracted. In Focus, author Daniel Goleman explains how staying focused is the real driver of excellence and gives us ways to work on our attention span.

3. Fear of failure

Nothing can harm you more than the fear of failing at something. The fear of being incompetent at something will never let your dreams see the light of day. In his book about fighting fear and imagining a life where fear doesn’t exist, Max Lucado discusses how we seem to be looking for excuses to fear every day, and asks if we can imagine our lives without fear.

4. Too many ambitions

Being ambitious is a good thing, but being over-ambitious will only prove bad for you. Your goals give you the much-needed direction in life, but if you become over-ambitious, you just end up losing focus and motivation. When you have many things to juggle with, you will never be able to decide where to start from, eventually losing motivation to finish what you started.

5. Negative people

Not just things, people can destroy your motivation as well. Constant negative comments of people are bound to take a toll on you eventually. It, therefore, becomes essential to surround yourself with positive people. Positive thinking is a key to staying motivated. The Power of Positive Thinking is a bestseller by Norman Vincent Peale, where he talks about how a positive attitude towards everything can help fulfill our dreams and attain mental peace.

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6. The desire to be a perfectionist

While doing things to perfection is right to some extent, obsessing about perfection is not the perfect way of dealing with things. Achieving the state of perfection might not be possible every time. If you’re too busy fixing every minute detail of your project, you’re more likely to forget what the real goal was when you started out.

7. Low self-confidence

If you don’t have faith in your abilities, no one is ever going to trust you either, and there’s nothing more demotivating than people doubting your capabilities. Your thinking plays a significant role in determining your self-confidence levels. Therefore, what you think about yourself determines how motivated you feel.