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There are a dozen articles telling us how to be happy, what should we do to be happy, or why should we do things for happiness. We are constantly pulled into this void to pursue happiness and along the way, we lose sight of our real path. The race to achieving happiness is tougher and more complicated than before. As women, we are faced with juggling different aspects of our lives like our jobs, families, social calendars, and relationships. So how do we find time to keep happiness a constant in our lives? Here are 7 things a woman should focus on for daily happiness.

1. A sense of humour

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A world without humour seems like a rather grim place. Have the strength to laugh at yourself when you slip and fall instead of feeling embarrassed. Do things that have the ability to crack you up. If you’re guilty of enjoying puns, embrace it.

2. A go-to drink

Instead of mulling over the drinks menu every time, have a go-to drink. If your life seems out of control, at least you know what drink you want. Don’t be a sloppy drunk but enjoy your drink. If you don’t like alcohol, have a trusty mocktail.

3. An exercise routine

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A great way to de-stress and to be healthy, enjoy your trips to the gym or yoga class. If Zumba or jogging alone with your thoughts makes you feel confident, do it regularly. You can always try new exercises to break the routine.

4. A hobby

With work and responsibilities taking up most of our time, we tend to lose ourselves. Indulge in activities that make you feel fulfilled even if it’s arranging the shelves at home or grabbing a cup of your favourite coffee.

5. A go-to karaoke song

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Secretly, everyone wants to go on stage and sing an Adele song. Even if you can’t hit the notes, have fun with the song. Rap, growl, or serenade the crowd with Whitney Houston. The experience is better, of course, with a couple of drinks down.

6. A healthy self-esteem

Learn to love yourself and your flaws, even if they bother you. Stop comparing yourselves to others. At the end of the day, a woman should want to be herself more than anyone else for a happier life.

7. A best friend

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Every woman needs her person; someone to listen to her rants, someone to watch horrible reality shows with, and someone to text during a boring party. Build strong friendships for a stronger support circle.