the road is your own
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We all need money to sustain our lives. However, if our lives revolve around money, we will never find happiness. Happiness is something that cannot be won with money. It comes from keeping relationships, from memories and from the things you truly love. Believe it or not, having all the money you want will still not buy you peace and happiness.

Here are seven things that are more valuable than money.

1. Time

We all know that time is precious. No amount of money can buy back the time that is lost. Make sure to invest time in things that actually matter to you. There should never come a time when you look back and regret the way you spent your time.

2. Experiences

Your experiences are what stay with you till the last second. Every enriching experience you have makes you a better person. Life becomes more fun and exciting with the different experiences you have over the years.

3. Friends

Friends are the ones who stick around even when things go wrong in life. Friends know the person you are inside-out. They make every day memorable and make life worth enjoying. They give you a joy that riches can never give you.

4. Health

Never forget that owe your regular life to good health. Only when we are strong and able can we do anything at all in life. It’s important for us, therefore, to focus on our mental and physical health to stay happy in life.

5. Family

Some of us put all our time and energy into things like a career. Investing everything in our career can make us successful, but we’ll never be able to find the joy and happiness that comes from spending time with our family.

6. Memories

Old memories are made of good and happy times from the past. Such memories give us a joy that money can’t buy. We value them so much and wish we could turn back time just to get back and live through them all again.

7. State of mind

Most of us live our lives hoping that the future would be great. We work hard and make money assuming that one day we’ll have enough. What we don’t realize is that all we have is the present, and that we should be happy with what we have to ever feel satisfied and happy.