Happy City Business Woman With Copy Space

A millennial workforce can add great value to your business as they come with a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm. They’re highly talented, tech savvy and well qualified, which makes them the perfect choice for a fast-growing business.

Since they’re significantly different from Gen X, the rules to handle them are quite different as well. That’s why it’s important to understand their needs and viewpoints before deciding to hire them.

Here are things you need to know about them:

1. They look for exciting work

To keep them motivated you need to make sure that the work is exciting enough for them. It’s not just about the work for them; millennials are always looking to take up new challenges and make a difference with what they’re doing.

2. They’re qualified and tech-savvy

Educated and well-qualified, they’re more technologically advanced than their earlier counterparts. For companies looking to progress fast into the future, this will come across as a great advantage. However, policies like ‘No Facebook at work’ won’t work in your favor.

3. They seek feedback

Constructive feedback is something they appreciate. They know that this will help them improve on their existing skills and learn new ones along the way. Feedback aside, it’s also important for you to encourage them with rewards and recognition for their good work.

4. They love team-work

They believe that a team is always more productive than an individual, allowing for lot more to get completed in a lot less time. Making them work in teams after analyzing their strengths and weaknesses will put your company on the right path to growth.

5. They can be impatient

Driven to achieve success as quickly as possible, they tend to be highly impatient. This also means that most times they’d prefer multitasking to focusing on one job at a time. To get the best out of them it’s essential to keep them busy and give them new challenges every day.

6. They are highly ambitious

They’re focused and clear about their career plans and what they want in life as well. They expect a lot from themselves and want to push themselves each time. If handled right, this attitude can be a welcome addition to your team.

7. They can be difficult to retain

Switching jobs isn’t hard for them to do. So if they don’t like your company policies or feel too restrained, they’ll quit sooner or later. Therefore it becomes essential to identify their needs and expectations and maybe work things around accordingly.