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Love, and the pursuit of it, is a very important part of most people’s lives. Just as a happy relationship can add to life, and make it worth living, a bad relationship can seriously hamper not just mental health, but physical health too.

1. It can make you fat.

A bad relationship can literally make you put on weight. Studies have shown that people in unhappy relationships tend to have higher levels of obesity and ill health, as compared to those with happy love lives. And people in satisfactory relationships tend to be fitter and healthier.

2. It can wreck your mental health.

Depression, mental disorders and poor self worth are often linked to unsatisfactory relationships, and a love life that isn’t up to par. Not finding love can be mentally and emotionally draining, and is the leading cause for most mental health problems.

3. It can be a harbinger of stress and panic attacks.

Studies have shown that those who claim to be in happy relationships, have a lower figure of panic attacks, and other stress related diseases.

4. It can give you a heart attack.

No one may yet have died of what is known as a ‘broken heart’, but being disappointed in love, sure can harm your heart. Poor relationships choices cause stress and mental distress, which in turn causes a higher tendency to fall prey to coronary diseases, heart failure and cholesterol.

5. It can cause migraines.

Stress due to one’s love life has been known to cause headaches, sometimes even migraines. Symptoms of a poor love life, often have physical manifestations, and can wreck your health.

6. It can cause slower disease recovery.

Recovery and rehabilitation are known to be linked to care, nurturing and general happiness. Those in unhappy relationships tend to take longer than usual to recover from long drawn diseases or surgeries, than their happier counterparts.

7. It can kill you.

Suicide rates are very closely linked to happiness in one’s love life. Disappointments or setbacks in love and relationships can cause suicide rates to sky rocket very quickly. The only shortcut to a happy and fulfilling life, is to have love. Love keeps you happy, and more importantly, alive.