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Millennials are often targeted for being lazy and too demanding. Their habits are viewed as a perfect recipe for failure. But the truth is that a rising number of successful millennials are challenging the rules of business and changing the way how work and success is approached. Their unique qualities are important to make a mark in the world today.

Here are 7 qualities that every generation must learn from millennials.

1. They think laterally.

“Why do we have to stick to the 9-to-5 system of work?”
“Why can’t we work on the terrace?”

Millennials ask such lateral questions about work, relationships and life in general. They are never pleased by the conventional way of doing things. They know that true innovation is result of breaking some rules and doing things differently than the rest of the world.

2. They don’t mind plugging in at off hours.

Most people cringe and whine when they receive an unexpected client call at, say, 10 PM. Millennials, however, see it as their responsibility to answer such calls and get any work done if it’s urgent. This trait makes them grow faster.

3. They are not afraid to ask.

Millennials, unlike most employees, believe in asking for help when they’re stuck at something. They don’t sit in their cabins for hours, trying to figure out something they don’t understand. They respect time, and therefore, always ask for help whenever they are in need and get their work done quickly without wasting much time.

4. They use social media effectively.

In this day and age, those who don’t know how to use social media effectively tend to be weak at networking, keeping contacts and making instant business deals. Millennials, on the other hand, have mastered this art. They have updated all their social media profiles and are usually in constant conversation with people about work.

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5. They carry no sense of entitlement.

Millennials are always eager to learn, grow and share their knowledge. They are enthusiastic bunch of people who don’t care about what their post is, as long as they love it. They believe in doing their job than boasting about their titles.

6. They like taking multiple projects at a time.

Millennials are career-driven and they know that to get great opportunities, they have to prove their skill and versatility. Therefore, they don’t stick to their job description. They are always keen to take up any number projects you ask them to.

7. They are tech-savvy.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and for anyone to be successful in this age, it’s crucial to stay in alignment with this pace. No generation better than millennials have managed to be in sync with the latest technology. The Gen-Y love reading about and buying all the latest gadgets, and this as a result, gives them a better scope at success today.