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Wi-fi signals may not be as reliable as physical cables, but they do allow you to work on your laptop from any corner of the house. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of Wi-Fi signals are limited to just a few hundred feet around them. So you often need to rely on smart hacks to strengthen the wi-fi signal.

There are several ways to do that. Important measures include setting up the router at least 5-7 feet above the ground, placing the router at the center of your home, and keeping it away from other electronic devices like TV, microwave, and DVD player.

To enhance the Wi-Fi signal further, you can also try making a Wi-Fi booster. All you’ll need is, two cans of beer, pair of scissors, tape, and a razor knife. Start by cleaning and drying the can, then taking the ring-pull off the can. Cut the end off the can with a knife and open up it in the middle, and then place it around the antenna of your router.

Sounds simple?

You can watch the video tutorial here:

Image Source: Life of the Rich