Image Source: Science Daily

In our search for happiness, we stumble upon many different paths to happiness. But not all of these ways are created equal. Some are weirder than the others, and some others are quite simply hard to believe. Here, we take a look at the unusual and weird, but simple, ways in which you can be happier in your life. Let’s take a look:

1. Listen to sad songs.

Several surveys have shown that listening to sad songs makes people happy. It’s said to provide a cathartic release — helping regulate our emotions and making us feel better, allow us to empathize with a sad situation, and distances us from whatever situation we are in at that moment.

2. Make small talk with a stranger.

Chatting up a cafe owner, speaking to a cab driver on your way home, and talking to the cashier at the local supermarket are instances of small talk that can help you have a more positive experience in your life. Just so happens that connecting with another person, even if only briefly, brings us happiness.

3. Rub your ears.

The ear has many pressure points on it that correspond to different parts of the body. But massaging the ear is also proven to reduce negative emotions, and is an especially effective way to counter depression or strong overwhelming feelings.

4. Eat lunch outdoors.

Eating at your desk is a recipe for a drop in happiness, as revealed by a British study from Sussex. Dining out at a restaurant, carrying your lunch out to a park, and eating at home can enhance your happiness levels. Eating on a beach is said to be the ideal eat-out experience for your happiness.

Image Source: Outside Nation

5. Write a journal.

Writing a journal can bring happiness in many ways. Writing itself is a therapeutic process, so it provides a cathartic release and makes us feel better. But re-reading your journal entries at a later time is known to be a source of unexpected joy.

6. Do cultural activities.

In a study done in Norway, it was revealed that people who participated in more cultural activities reported higher levels of happiness and lower levels of depression. So maybe you’d want to visit the museum or national park every now and then from here on in to get your dose of happiness.

7. Play video games.

Video games may be criticized for encouraging a sedentary lifestyle, and other things like promoting violence, but it turns out to be an excellent source of happiness for adults and the elderly. It’s said to decrease depression and improve well-being.