Image Source: The Red List

Some of us enter a relationship in spite of not being sure of what our partner wants from the relationship. After a point, we regret and we are not sure where it’s going.

If you’re confused about your relationship, and wondering whether it has a future or not, here are signs that your relationship is not going anywhere.

1. He does not show interest in the future.

Most couples make plans and dream about a happy future. If your partner has no interest in the future, then there is something wrong. Either he’s afraid of the responsibilities that come with time or he has no interest to take the relationship to the future.

2. You are not genuine around him.

You are not comfortable around him. You even find it difficult to be yourself when he’s around you. Though you are together, there are times you don’t enjoy his presence. This is a sign indicating you are not going to be happy in this relationship.

3. He is not keen on introducing you to his family.

When a guy is faithful to you, he will not mind introducing you to his family. In fact, he will be happy to see you getting along with his people. However, if he tries to avoid introducing you to his family and friends, then it’s time to realize that you’re with the wrong person.

4. He only thinks of himself.

A relationship must accommodate each of your wants and needs equally. But he’s always thinking of what he wants out of the relationship. He is not considerate of your opinions. By now you must be sure that the relationship will not go too far.

5. You don’t feel good enough.

Your partner is making you feel insecure and small. Well, some people derive their worth from putting down others. If your partner is doing the same, then the relationship is not going anywhere.

6. He always discourages you.

Every time you want to do something or express a desire, he’s discouraging you. He doesn’t find interest in the little things you do and discourages you quite often.

7. You try too hard.

You are always trying to make him happy but he’s not happy with you. At times, his expectations frustrate you. This makes you upset and unhappy most of the time.