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Compromises are a part of life. Whenever we fail to achieve what we actually wanted to, we know only one way out— settling for less than what we desire. That might look like the easier and more convenient way out, but it sure isn’t the right path to choose.

If you have dreams, you should also have the courage and determination to see them turning into reality. Settling for less than what you desire is not an option; it’s a bad choice.

Here are more reasons why should never settle for less than your dreams:

1. You will always regret your decision.

If you don’t go after what you really want, you will never be able to make peace with your future. The regret of taking the wrong decision will always haunt you and hold you back from realizing your real capabilities.

2. You will keep wondering about unexplored possibilities.

You will keep thinking what chasing your dreams could’ve resulted in. You might even feel like turning the clock back to the time when you made that crucial decision, but you obviously won’t be able to do that.

3. You will develop the habit of settling for less in your personal life as well.

The decisions you make daily at work have the power to influence your thinking and impact your personal life as well. If you start settling for less at work, slowly you’ll start following the same strategy in your personal life, damaging your relationship with your friends and family.

4. You will lose faith in your abilities.

Once you start underestimating your abilities and choose the easier way out, there’s no stopping. It’s a downward spiral that can damage your self-confidence with each passing day. You will stop believing in yourself and your ability to make the right choice.

5. You will never know your real potential.

If you keep going the conventional way without challenging yourself, you will never know what you’re capable of. Whatever you want desperately, always lies outside your comfort zone. If you don’t take the plunge, you’ll never know the real you.

6. You will never dare to take up new challenges.

Once you start settling for less, you will never have the guts to take up new challenges. You will begin fearing possible reasons for failure before even facing them in reality. The fearless you will become a history, and you won’t like the new you; the one scared of challenges.

7. You will slowly lose your passion for life.

Giving up on your dreams and settling for less will soon develop into a habit. This habit of killing your dreams instead of seeing them through will make you lose interest in life. Although you hate the same monotonous routine, you also lose the passion for pursuing what you love.

Don’t kill your dreams. If you don’t show courage to turn them into reality today, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.