Image Source: Zena

Had a perfect date, were on your best behavior, even made the girl laugh? But she still refused a second date? While there’s not much you can do here, you can certainly learn some lessons for the future.

1. You talked too much about yourself.

This is not a job interview where you have to sell yourself. No one is interested in listening to you brag about your promotion for hours. A date is a way to get to know each other. Get your date to talk by asking interesting questions, not by blabbing your mouth off.

2. You offended her with your opinions.

It is very easy to gauge what a person’s like, by the way he expresses his opinions. If you unwittingly revealed your sexist, racist or mean side to her, by expressing a controversial opinion, don’t expect a second date! Hint: If you want to never see her again, tell her how awesome you think Donald Trump is!

3. You showed up late, or were rude to her.

Being engrossed in your phone, not getting up when a girl walks in, and placing your order before asking her what she’d like, are not things that endear you to a girl. Make sure you are on your best behavior, and don’t offend her by being uncouth, right on the first or second date.

4. You bored her with tales of your exes.

All guys like to humble-brag about their exes, and show off how appealing girls find them. But if she is willing to be on a date with you, she doesn’t need to be convinced of your desirability. And talk of your exes, whether it is positive or negative, will just put her off.

5. You came on too strong, too fast.

The key to making a move at the right time, is gauging the other person’s reactions correctly. If you make an unwanted move, you are going to get rebuffed. Wait for the right signals from her, or better yet, just let her make a move when she’s ready to.

6. You flirted with or ogled at someone else.

Yes, she noticed you checking out that hot waitress. No matter how discreet you thought you were. Why would there be another date after that? It is not only rude, it is also disrespectful to your date.

7. You dissed feminism.

If you don’t understand feminism, that is your problem. Telling a girl how annoying you find frothing-at-the-mouth-crazy feminists, and how glad you are that she’s not like them, definitely won’t endear her to you.