Visualize Passion

Image Source: SBS

Everyone seems to be caught up on the ‘soulmate theory’ propagated by movies and books. Everyone seems to think there is someone out there for them, who will be the perfect partner, but maybe that is hurting your love life. Find out how.

1. Love happens when the time is right.

Love can’t be made to happen. True love always comes along with no warning, and no prompting. It just happens.

2. Not everyone has a soulmate.

Everyone is unique, and finding someone who is exactly like you and understands you perfectly, is not just hard, it might even be ridiculous. Maybe you don’t have a soulmate and waiting for one is just silly.

3. Your soulmate might be your best friend, or someone other than a romantic partner.

A soulmate doesn’t have to be a romantic partner. So many people find that a close friend, or their mom, understands them much better than their partner. And that’s perfectly okay!

4. You might be losing out on love, in the search for a soulmate.

In the quest for a perfect lover, you could be ignoring the love you do have. Maybe, instead of looking for your ‘soulmate’, you should just be looking for love.

5. Perhaps the ‘soulmates theory’ is just a myth.

There’s no saying that there is any truth to the theory that everyone has someone for them out there, who will be their soulmate. It could just be drivel propagated by the movie industry.

6. It could be harming your current relationship.

Watch out. Are you ignoring and constantly finding faults with your partner just because you think he’s not your soulmate? This could be your best shot at love; don’t wreck it.

7. You can’t force love.

Searching for your soulmate, or even for laugh, isn’t a very effective way of finding love. Love is always spontaneous.