Image Source: Watt Pad

Clingy partners are everyone’s nightmare in a relationship. Everyone has a story about that one crazy ex who was needy and overly attached. But perhaps we shouldn’t be so hard on people who can’t help but get over-attached in relationships. They have their own insecurities and scars to deal with.

1. They have been hurt before.

There’s nothing like betrayal to make a person afraid of losing love again. People who have been hurt once, expect it to happen again, and get overly attached to their partner to prevent it happening.

2. They have low self worth.

Low self esteem and insecurities are often linked to the formation of unhealthy attachments in couples. The lesser the person thinks of them-self, the more attached they get to their partner.

3. They have anxiety issues.

Some people just overthink everything. They tend to get highly anxious and nervous over the smallest of things. They are afraid their partner will leave them, and respond by becoming overly attached to them.

4. They are starved of love.

Being treated with love and respect, is a rare luxury on this planet, and to those who’ve been starved of it, a lot of love from a person can be overwhelming. They can get addicted to the love they receive and get obsessive about their partner.

5. They nurse insecurities about their partner.

Not everyone can understand what it’s like to have a constant shadow of doubt hanging over them. People who are worried about their partner’s loyalty or commitment to them, and are insecure about their partner’s love, may form overt attachments.

6. They are not really in love, and overcompensate by being needy.

Sometimes the subconscious tries it’s hardest to hide the truth from your conscious mind-that your heart just isn’t in it. People who are not really committed to the relationship, and feel guilty about it, will often compensate by seeming needy and clingy.

7. They don’t feel they’re worthy of their partner.

Feelings of self doubt and unworthiness unfortunately, plague many. They feel their partner is out of their league, or they aren’t good enough somehow, and counter by getting overly attached and clingy.