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Life isn’t always a bed of roses. Life may not always give us what we want. Often, we’re stressed out, too busy, or we simply don’t care. But there are some things we should always take out time for.

1. Breakfast in bed.

If it’s a surprise prepared by your partner, all the better! Followed by cuddling, it’s the perfect recipe for a great day!

2. Spending time with the elderly and with children.

They say every person should be friends with at least one person over seventy, and one under seven. It gives you a unique perspective on life. Take time out to visit old age homes and orphanages whenever possible. Or pop over to visit your aged relatives. It’ll make their day.

3. Reading.

Time taken out to read a book is never wasted. If it’s a great one, it will challenge your intellectual boundaries and force you to think. If it’s a bad one, you will have gained experience, and knowledge. Either way, it’s worth making time for!

4. Pampering oneself.

Whether it is a long bout of yoga, a session at the spa, or even just a new haircut that makes you look and feel younger, never neglect to take care of yourself. No matter how busy you may be, taking time out for a little pampering will drive away stress and make you feel calm and at peace with the world.

5. Expressing gratitude.

We can never be too busy to thank and appreciate the people who were there for us when we needed them. Whether it is your mom, your high school teacher, or the neighbor who taught you how to drive, send them a thank you note, and some flowers today! Or drop in for a visit. It will make you feel wonderful.

6. Laughing.

If you stop laughing, you stop living. Life may be cruel, or busy, or stressful, but without laughter, it is meaningless. Try listening closely to the sound of you laughing and experience first hand, the endorphin rush it sends your brain.

7. Indulging in our passion.

If your guilty pleasure is a bar of chocolate, eat it. If painting relaxes you and calms you down, throw on an apron and brush some strokes on canvas. Life is too short to not do the things that give us pleasure.