You’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We’re giving you 7 reasons here to pay heed to that advice and get out of bed for the only reason you would ever get out of it: food.

1. Idlis

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This South Indian breakfast, which is basically just soft mounds of rice batter, is actually the most delicious thing you’ll ever eat with spicy sambar. And get a side of filter coffee. Kill the breakfast game.

2. Parathas

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A classic North Indian breakfast, nobody would turn away from a solid piece of flat bread stuffed with the perfect deliciousness that is spiced potatoes. Dear god, have mercy on my stomach today because this morning is going to be a breakfast of champions.

3. Theplas

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Gujarat knows how to do breakfast right with theplas — a spicy flat bread served with the tangiest pickles you could ever find. #YUM

4. Misal Pav

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A classic Marathi favorite, Misal is the perfect spicy mixture of vegetables to eat with warm, buttery pav and maybe a sweet glass of cutting chai.

5. Upma

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Rice flour cooked into perfect soft lumps with vegetables, spices and lentils, garnished with a generous sprinkling of coconut. What more do you want to start the day off well? That’s a feast in a bowl.

5. Uthappa

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Fermented rice pancakes with chopped tomatoes and onions, served with all the chutneys and copious bowls of sambar. I’m eating a minimum of five.

6. Poha

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What’s not good about pressed rice and chopped vegetables spiced, tossed together and seasoned until they’re toasty, warm and completely perfect?

I’m waking up for all this even if the world’s going to end tomorrow. Are you?