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Reality is infamous for showering us with its grimness at the most inopportune moments. To avoid its harshness, most of us developed our own coping mechanism; we started playing safe and began shutting ourselves inside a bubble. Truth be told, confrontation is intimidating and we refrain from it. But sometimes, to surround yourself with happiness, you need to confront these realities boldly and come out of the battle victorious. Here is how you tackle these 7 harsh realities.

1. You Have Nothing To Lose

There is no escaping the inevitable fate of death. Sure, healthy eating, vigilance, and exercising helps in the long run. By playing safe, you add years to your lifespan. But you miss out on the simple pleasures of life by being constantly cautious. Take a leap and go sky diving or indulge in the juiciest burger with all the fries.

2. Stop Worrying Incessantly

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As humans, we are obsessed with trivial things. We mull over our first-world problems like the long line at Starbucks or not owning the iPhone 6. When you look deeper, you realise these “problems” are nothing more than negative thoughts. Look at the positive side of every situation, with a realistic approach, and the true meaning of blessed makes more sense.

3. Break Rules More Often

Criticism, constructive or mean, has a way of dampening our mood. We are so caught up with being politically and socially correct, we forget to voice our opinions. Rules are good but not when they’re limiting you and your personality. So, once in a while, set that rule book on fire and do what makes you happy without considering what others might think.

4. Let Go Of Painful Memories

We tend to agonize over painful memories and wonder what went wrong. Instead of living in the present, we live in the past and rethink those unfortunate events. Don’t let these past mishaps determine the future of your happiness. Lock those memories inside a box, learn from them, and move on with your life.

5. Take Risks

We are happier living in the bubble we have constructed for ourselves and bursting that safe space seems ridiculous. We hide under a safety blanket and don’t take bold actions. Break free from the ordinary and try achieving the impossible. Want to start a business venture? Take a leap of faith and do it.

6. Stop Being A People-pleaser

No one likes the concept of loneliness and to avoid that, we do everything to please people around us. From following the dreams our parents have for us to lying to our significant other for love, we create a fake personality. Instead of building a relationship on lies, surround yourself with friends who appreciate the real you.

7. Lean Into Your Fear

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Our lives are shadowed with fear. At work, home, or college, this fear makes us feel unworthy and destroys self-belief. Don’t give into the fear but lean into it. Take the feeling and put an optimistic spin on it. By facing these fears, you mold yourself into a fearless person and that encourages the inflow of happiness.