Happiness is not as difficult to attain as most of us think. There are a few elements that we must include in our lives to ensure a life of happiness. Here are 7 of those essential components of a happy life.

1. Love

We are born with an inherent need to be loved. Kids who are not loved enough in their childhood grow up to become violent, cold-hearted and aggressive. Being loved, on the other hand, makes us feel significant, which allows us to be happy.

2. Simplicity

Our habit of thinking compulsively makes our lives seem complicated and difficult to deal with. Simplicity can be attained in life by thinking clear thoughts. Choose your thoughts wisely, and regularly keep a check on what you feed to your mind.

3. Gratitude

Everyone in this world has a reason to be happy — friends, family, pet and so on. The problem is that most of us only focus on what’s missing in our lives instead of being grateful for what’s already there, which makes us unhappy. Practicing gratitude inspires us to look beyond our problems, and be happy and fulfilled in whatever state we are in.

Image Source: Odyssey

4. Forgiveness

Most people spend their entire lives carrying resentment against someone, and as a result, ruin their own lives. Instead of being gripped by anger and other self-destructive emotions, people must learn to let go, forgive and move on, to be happy.

5. Empathy

Most conflicts happen in this world because there’s no sense of understanding between people. People fight for being understood whole their lives. That’s why empathy is important. It teaches us to connect with each other and solve problems together, and thereby, attain happiness.

6. Fitness

Fitness, unlike what most of us like to think, isn’t just about having a toned body or creating an impression. Fitness also makes us happy. People who exercise regularly are healthy, and therefore, tend to be enthusiastic and passionate in life.

7. Faith

No one has figured out what is meaning of life and death yet. No one really knows why we exist. No one knows if there is goodness in the world. That’s where faith plays an important role. It makes us feel protected and secure from the darker realities and gives us to hope to lead a happy life.