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With Valentine’s day this weekend, you don’t need to have a valentine to treat yourself, here are some easy and amazing DIY items that you must try making for yourself without any fail:

1. Treat yourself with heart-shaped chocolates melting ordinary chocolate bars and freezing them in heart-shaped molds. Get the tutorial here.

Image Source: WikiHow

2. Make this tiny multi-colored tiny sock hearts with your own hands using fillers like soft polyfills or rice. Get the tutorial here.

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3. Gift yourself with your own handmade aromatic heart-shaped bath bombs. Get the tutorial recipe here.

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4. Make wooden love coasters with yours and your lover’s initials, or maybe your with your friend’s name. Get the tutorial here.

Image Source: A Bubbly Life

5. Make your own heart-shaped glitter nail-polish for your girl friends. Get the tutorial here.

Image Source: Delighted Momma

6. Make these cute little heart magnets for your refrigerator or you can also gift it to your boyfriend. Get the tutorial here.

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7. Play block puzzles with your partner by making your own puzzle with multi-colored hearts. Get the tutorial here.

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