Image Source: DIYsIf you’re a bagaholic and have a large collection of designer bags, mix up your collection a little by making some of your own. Here are some simple DIY bag ideas that’ll help you express your creativity.

1. Cross-body tote bag.

Image Source: My So Called Crafty Life

You can make this bag with a vibrant-colored, old tablecloth. The other items required are scissors, small rivets, ruler, leather lacing, leather punch, and vintage button. Click here for the tutorial.

2. Cinch bag.

Image Source: Sweet Verbena

To make the cinch bag, you’ll need 3 meters of gray linen fabric, 3 meters of black fabric, small zipper for interior pockets, and a 24″ zipper. Click here for the tutorial.

3. Striped tote bag.

Image Source: HGTV

The materials required to make the striped tote bag are cotton fabric, canvas strap, thread, sewing machine, scissors, and iron. Click here for the tutorial.

4. Satchel bag.

Image Source: The Pineneedle Collective

To make a satchel backpack, take thick fabric — preferably velvet, two belts, craft glue, and cardboard. Click here for the tutorial

5. Blanket bag.

Image Source: Brit

Turn your old vibrant-colored blanket into a bag using a white string, white rope, grommet kit, hot glue gun, pins, hammer, and sewing machine. Click here for the tutorial.

6. Chevron fabric bag.

Image Source: Fabric Paper Glue

To make this chevron fabric bag, you’ll need various colors of fabrics, brown leather strapping, hole punch, hammer, and eight small rivets. Click here for the tutorial.

7. Button bag.

Image Source: Praktic Ideas

Personalize your handbags by stitching different sized and colored buttons to give it a new trendy look. Click here for the tutorial.