Image Source: Thought Catalog

Just like girls have their long lists of qualities an ideal guy must have, so do guys. They might sleep with any girl who’s willing, but not every girl is “girlfriend material”. Find out what that constitutes.

1. Warm and caring.

The foremost things guys, or indeed anyone, looks for in a partner is warmth. If you consider someone your long term bet, they have to be warm, caring and loving. Otherwise it’s just not worth it.

2. Low maintenance.

No one wants a girlfriend with incessant demands, tantrums, needs and requirements. When looking for a girlfriend, all guys want someone who is easy going, simple and flexible. She should be able to adjust in tough situations, and should not be a diva.

3. Pretty.

Guys are visual creatures, and like or not, looks do matter to them. They tend to pick out the hottest of the lot, to be their girlfriend. But that doesn’t mean only conventionally good looking girls stand a chance. All you have to do is exude confidence, sensuality and charm.

4. Confidence.

Confidence is one of the qualities that makes a girl attractive to guys. The more comfortable she is in her own skin, and the better she feels about herself, the more guys she’ll attract.

5. Independence.

Independence is a very attractive quality in a woman. It appeals to guys, because there is something freeing about the idea of a woman who doesn’t need them, and they know she won’t turn clingy and needy. An independent woman is also desired because she can not only take care of herself, she can be a big help to the guy too, when needed.

6. Down to earth.

Being humble, simple and warm, is very important. Every guy wants a girl who doesn’t constantly need her ego massaged, is secure in her own skin, values humility and modesty, and is warm. A high-maintenance diva is liked by no one.

7. Good in bed.

The onus to take the lead in bed, and try new things isn’t always on the guy. Guys appreciate a girl who knows what she wants in bed, and isn’t afraid to voice her desires. Sex is a two-way street; it’s no fun if only one partner does all the work.