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Our hobbies relax us, refresh us, and give us the space to be ourselves. They allow us to grow as individuals, but without burdening us in any way. They encourage us to live in the moment, and not care about the past or present. In these respects, and in a myriad others, hobbies are invaluable. But more specifically, hobbies can help us become smarter and more productive too. Although most hobbies can help us achieve this, here are 7 daily hobbies that make the cut with ease.

1. Writing

As a therapeutic process, writing can help you free your mind off stress and worry. It can also help you make sense of your thoughts as you put pen to paper, and offers you the opportunity to learn and discover yourself and the world around you.

2. Dancing

Dancing helps keep your body fit, which is important if you want to be functioning at your best every day. Rehearsing dance routines over and over again prepares you to live your daily life with more passion and dedication.

3. Gardening

By spending time gardening, you unwind with ease, which allows you to direct your mind to the work at hand. In addition, you have to plan for and manage different plants while gardening. Good planning and management is essential to productivity.

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4. Cooking

Cooking helps you plan things in advance and compels you to be in the moment, directing your focus on the ingredients and combining them to create the best output. Over time, you start making food quicker and quicker, and become more productive.

5. Reading

Reading can help you stay sharp in your everyday life. And it doesn’t involve much time or effort. You can read when you find as little as 2-3 minutes even. And it doesn’t drain you down. It’s a refreshing activity that helps you learn and grow.

6. Playing a musical instrument

Different parts of the brain are activated while playing an instrument. This makes your brain sharper, and your thinking more refined. Plus, you can take the discipline, persistence, and patience associated with the activity back into your daily life.

7. Playing video games

Video games encourage you to focus and be determined for long periods of time and keep trying to succeed despite failure. Teamwork and cooperation are major hallmarks too. These qualities translate into your everyday life and make it better.