There’s nothing interesting about finding used tissue paper rolls in the trash bin. It’s never been of any use to us. But you might be pleasantly surprised to know that there are a number of fun things you can do with these tissue paper rolls. You can make pretty pencil holders, wreaths, flower arts and more. All you need to do is think out of the box and explore your creativity.

The next time you see a tissue paper roll lying around, don’t hurl it into a bin. Instead, pick it up and reuse it to make something cool. For you to get started, we’ve listed 7 brilliant ways to reuse your tissue paper rolls.


Flower Art


Take a pile of tissue paper rolls and cut them into thin strips. Take 5 strips and glue them in the shape of a flower. Make several flowers in the same way. After they dry up, color them and put them up on your wall in any design you’d like.


Roll Wreath


Paint the tissue paper rolls with brilliant colours and let them dry. Cut them into thin strips and arrange it in the shape of a wreath as shown in the picture above. Add a ribbon to the wreath and it’s ready to adorn your door.


Pencil Holder


All you need to make this neat pencil holder is a shoe box, tissue paper rolls and gift wrappers. Use the wrapper to wrap the shoe box and the tissue paper rolls neatly. Place the rolls on the box carefully and fix them onto the box using glue. Leave it to dry and it’s done — ready to be placed on your desk.


Bangle Holder


To make a bangle holder, you’ll need tissue paper rolls of two different sizes and a small card board. Cut a slit at the center of a longer roll and affix the shorter one into it. Stuff some paper into the rolls to make it stand firmly. Use the wrapper to neatly cover the rolls and the card board. Glue the roll onto the card board and there, you have your unique bangle holder.


Pillow Gift Box


Take the toilet paper roll and fold both sides of the edges in the shape of a half-moon on both ends as shown in the picture. Attach a pretty ribbon to it and give it a dainty look. Use it as a perfect little gift box.


Cat Gift Box


Take the roll and paint it with your favorite color. Fold the edges in the shape of a moon on one end and seal the bottom. Draw designs and add a ribbon to make a cute gift box.


Phone Holder


All you need is a roll and a gift wrapper to make a fancy phone holder for yourself. Slit a section of the roll just enough to slide your phone in. Wrap it neatly with the gift wrapper and you have your phone holder ready.

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