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Making DIY projects can involve investment of time, but making something with your own hands enhances the value of anything you make. When we speak of art and craft ideas, the first thing that comes to our mind is how we can easily decorate the interiors of our house with some innovative art. If you have been staying away from DIY home decor projects because they look complicated, you can start with some simple but beautiful paper crafts.

One of the most easiest things to make from craft papers are flowers which can easily be hanged or glued to the wall to decorate your room. Paper flowers can also be used for pinning into one’s hair, making chandeliers and also a flower bouquet.

Here’s a list of 7 easy paper flower making ideas :

Red paper flowers

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The materials needed for this project are pencil, red craft paper, some twigs, scissors and glue. Firstly, draw a spiral on 4×4” square sheet of red paper, then cut out the spiral along the lines you’ve drawn and begin rolling the spiral from the outside and once you’re done rolling, glue it to a branch of twig. Continue the process to make a bouquet and your bouquet of lovely red flowers is ready.

Swirly paper flowers

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You can make these paper flower sticks and put it in a vase on your bed-side table. To make this flower you’ll need — customised color paper, scissors and glue. Click here to make these swirly flowers in seven easy steps.

Oversized paper roses

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If it’s your friends wedding and you’re the bridesmaid, make some gorgeous giant paper roses with colored papers and carry them instead of the normal bouquet and make the wedding a special one. The materials required to make this flower are — one roll of floral tape, six 18-gauge floral stem wires, 4-6 sheets of crepe paper for the huge sized petals and leaves, pencil, craft glue and scissors. To make this flower and follow the process in detail click here.

Magazine flowers

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You must have a bunch of old magazines with colorful pages lying in your book shelf, so to put them to good use here is a DIY hack idea to make something gorgeous like a bunch of paper flowers. To make this flower, you’ll need a shredding scissor, sticky tape, floral tape, magazine pages and wooden skewers. To view the tutorial process to make this flower, follow this link.

Paper dahlia flowers

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You can put these gorgeous paper dahlias on your blank wall to give a flowery touch to your room. To make this DIY dahlia, you’ll need colored craft papers, scissors, paper trimmer, glue and round shaped cardboard pieces. By using the paper trimmer, cut your colorful papers into rectangles of 4.25″ x 5.5″size. Roll the pieces of paper into a cone shape with a point in the center of one end and use a small dot of glue to hold in place. Then start gluing the cones around the edge of the cardboard circle and continue the process.

Paper peonies

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The supplies you’ll need to make these paper peonies are — crepe paper, floral wire, wire stem and floral tape. Follow this link to make this blooming peonies to enhance the beauty of your porcelain flower vase.

Paper autumn flowers

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This is another easy DIY flower project, and the materials required to make this autumn flower are crepe paper, floral tape, scissors and floral wire. Cut crepe paper in three different widths of 2, 3 and 4 cms and at a length of about 7-8cm. To make a 12 petal flower, you will need four of each size. Cut each one into a elongated petal shape, stretch the middle part by pulling from opposite side while the thumbs are pushing the middle out to form a curve. Do the same to all petals and by using a chopstick or pencil curl the ends outwards. After all petals are stretched and curled, assemble the flower by adding petals from left to right overlapping each other. Start from the middle using the smaller petals then getting bigger as you go on. Bind them all together at the base using floral wire, cover the base and stem with floral tape and you’re done.

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