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Happiness – the whole world revolves around this ecstatic feeling that they want to experience every moment of their life. We read about it all the time and do everything to be happy. Somehow we are trying so hard to be happy that we miss out the little things in our daily lives that make us truly happy.

Here are a few ways to find happiness in everyday things.

1. Be grateful for the people in your life.

There are days when we’re unhappy and want to change the way things have been happening in our lives. We tend to look at all the wrong things and miss to look at the most important aspect of our lives – relationships. Being grateful for our family and friends and spending time with them will make you happy.

2. Light up your space.

Your room, your desk and even the light in the room can determine your mood. Make your place look bright and happy. Decorate it with your favorite colors and make it a memorable place. Your surroundings will cheer you up and make you happy.

3. Have an exciting playlist.

Music can change your mood and make you enjoy the day. Even during days when you feel stressed out or low, make sure you listen to songs to cheer yourself up. This way, you can feel good even when things are not going smooth.

4. Look back at your memories.

You can flip through your old pictures or even check your ‘memories’ on Facebook to remember your good old times. You will miss those moments, but at the same time, you’ll also feel good for all the good and happy memories that you have made in the past.

5. Make random plans.

There are days when making a random plan with friends can help you step away from the routine you usually follow. Doing something out of the blue by yourself or with your friends is a good way to make each day different and happy.

6. Spend time alone.

Believe it or not, spending some quality time with yourself for some time can make you feel happy. During that time you can do things that interest you. You can focus on your hobbies, or just enjoy some good music all by yourself to celebrate life.