Image Source: Scroll

Mornings in India are beautiful and inspirational. The view of little tea stalls along the streets, the children rushing to their schools, the newspaper boy pedaling and humming tunes. There are many little things that make our mornings beautiful in India. Here are six such inspirational things that you can observe every morning in India.

1. The beautiful sunrise.

Early mornings in India are calm, quiet and cold. Going for a walk and feeling the morning chill energizes us and prepares us for a long and hectic day. Seeing the sunrise every morning puts us in a positive minds-cape and inspires us to enjoy the day.

2. The streets getting ready.

A few moments after the sunrise, the streets slowly wake up. The fruit vendor sets his stall, the milkman gets his cans ready and people begin to commute. And as you see them getting ready and preparing themselves for the day, you too get inspired to go to your office and work.

3. The morning prayer.

We might be busy with our lives, but we Indians never miss our prayers. A few minutes in the pooja room saying a word of prayer makes a lot of difference to us. It motives us to approach the day with courage and face anything that comes along the way.

4. The tea wala setting his stall.

The tea wala setting his stall and clearing his little space before people walk in is a sight you cannot miss. He’s up there early morning to set up his place for every passerby. His hard work and commitment to his work inspires you to take your job more seriously.

5. The early rising Indian mothers .

Be it working women or housewives, they all wake up early to prepare food for the rest of the family. Sometimes they wake up before sunrise to make sure that there is no delay. Their sacrificial nature inspires you to return their love by doing your best at work and making them proud.

6. The newspaper boy.

Even before you leave the house, the newspaper boy flings your paper at the door every single day without fail. Some of them go to their respective schools or colleges after working every morning. Such people who work so hard to make money make India a truly incredible place to be.