Happiness is our ultimate desire. Through everything we do, be it a career choice, family or money, we want to be happy at the end of it. We spend most of our lives contemplating on the things we need in order to be happy, but we miss out on the things we need to stop doing.

There are many things that you have to stop doing right now to be truly happy. Here are the important ones.

1. The drama of life.

Some days are great, some aren’t. People tend to complicate things by adding drama to everything that’s happening in their lives. You need to instead handle things lightly. What you can do to make life happier is avoid the drama and learn to live a simple and easy life.

2. Stop pleasing people.

People have many expectations of you. It’s practically impossible to meet all their demands. The simple truth is, you don’t need to please everybody around you. Trying really hard to make others happy is exhausting, and is no step to happiness. Your happiness lies in things you like to do.

3. Stop being dependent.

Independence is a privilege very few exploit. Depending on someone else for your happiness will never get you there. Only when you live independently will you feel worthy of yourself. You will know that you are enough, which will eventually lead you to the path of happiness.

4. Stop living in the future.

The past can be daunting — everybody knows that. But people hardly speak about how the future can be daunting. Holding anxiety and a fear of the uncertain future can also take away your happiness. When tomorrow comes, you can deal with it. Live your present and stop being anxious about what tomorrow holds for you.

5. Stop limiting yourself.

You’re capable of doing more than you think. Stop putting yourself in a box. You will not know yourself unless you try. Allow yourself to do new things, learn and discover something every day, and you can find happiness in them.

6. Stop trying to be someone else.

We all have unique traits, and that’s why we’re all different in our own ways. The world would be a sad and boring place if we were all similar. It’s time you appreciate yourself and be happy for yourself. You cannot fill someone’s shoes nor can someone fill yours. So, stop trying to be someone else.