Image Source: Maxikq, Deviant Art

We all have grand ideas about happiness. We think that luxuries like a high paying job, a swanky villa at the city center, or a sexy body are what’ll make us happy. But the truth is, none of these will. If these things did, the richest and the most attractive people would be the happiest, which is rarely the case. Let’s take a look at all the things we think will make us happy but definitely won’t.

1. Good looks

We keep wishing we were better looking. We think a slimmer frame, a sharper jawline, and sexier hair would make everyone love us, and we’d then be happy. If this was even remotely true, the better looking people would be the happier lot — which clearly isn’t the case. Attractive people suffer from the same self-esteem issues as the less attractive people.

2. Fame

We keep wishing we were famous so that people would love the hell out of us. Fame is not where happiness resides for sure. Those who desperately seek fame tend to have a history of neglect at home. So no amount of fame would ever be enough even if you get there. Unless you forgive your parents, which will neutralize your desire to be famous immediately.

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3. Money

Money is what we’re all after, aren’t we? We come into this world and start preparing ourselves to get a job that pays us well. And then we hope for higher paying jobs every year till we retire or die. Sure, money can help us buy a nice house and car, but they, along with other material things, can never make up for true happiness, which actually comes from within.

4. Success

It’s tough being at the top. You toil harder than others and finally reach what you think is the peak, only to find mountains way taller than the one you’re on, and having the compulsive need to start a new climb. No amount of success, therefore, seems ever enough. The only thing that matters is that you love what you do. That’s a simple recipe for happiness.

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5. Power

Power corrupts. I wish I could say “enough said” and move on, but here’s why the desire for power sucks. Only those people who want to be beyond consequences or retribution seek power. These are the people who want to get away with doing the bad stuff. This is secretly why they seek power. So shall you too if you don’t straighten up about it.

6. Popularity

The desire for popularity makes people do things only intended to please others. People start distancing themselves from who they are on the inside and start being “popular,” eventually creating a superficial connection with all the people who claim to love them. If anything, it’s the connection with a small group of friends that creates a space for happiness.