Image Source: Glamour

Ending a relationship is never easy, but ending a long-term relationship is even harder. You’ve spent so much quality time together after all. Your focus should be to break the news to your partner in a gentle way so that both of you part ways with respect for all the time you’ve spent together and feeling complete from within.

So, if you’ve been thinking of breaking up with your long-term partner, here are the right things to do it:

1. Find the right time and place.

Once you’re sure that you want the relationship to end, make sure you announce the breakup at the right time. Let it not be when they’re already disturbed about work or are facing failure in life. You have to be mindful so as to not leave them shattered. Also, avoid giving them the news in public or over the phone because that’s disrespectful of your relationship.

2. Thank them for being there for you.

No matter how sour the relationship has turned with the passage of time, don’t forget to thank them for being there by your side. Remember to tell them that you’re grateful for the lovely time you spent together. Tell them that you enjoyed the many moments you shared. This will make them feel complete. Or else, they’ll take the blame upon themselves and suffer silently.

3. Be open about the reason for the breakup.

While breaking up with your partner, be open and honest about the reason behind your decision to break up with them. Even if the true reason behind the breakup has the potential to hurt them, they deserve to know the truth. So avoid making excuses and tell the truth no matter how bitter it is. They’ll appreciate you for it eventually, if not right then.

4. Tie up the loose ends in the relationship.

Make sure you resolve all unresolved issues in the relationship so that it helps the both of you to move on. If you’re going to part ways holding a grudge, it’ll be difficult to move on and be with other people. Get your points across clearly and gently about why you want to end the relationship, and don’t give your partner any false hope of a reunion in the future.

5. Most importantly, stick to your decision.

When you tell them about the breakup, your partner might try to persuade you to change your decision or just beg you to stay with them. While this is heartbreaking, you have to stick to your decision. Even if the opposite happens — say they walk out on you during the conversation — stay calm and remind yourself that the breakup was the right decision.

6. Don’t talk bad about your ex.

Even if the breakup doesn’t go as planned and things end up poorly, don’t go around making filthy remarks about your partner. If you don’t have anything good to say about your ex and the past relationship, avoid saying anything at all. Bad-mouthing your ex means you’re still not over your relationship are putting on a (weak) defense.