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If you are a tall guy, dating a tall girl is quite normal for you. Some guys who aren’t so tall think twice before dating a tall girl. They believe that they are going against the norms. They don’t want to stand out for dating a tall girl. Well, if you want to break the norm, just go ahead and date a tall girl. You will realize that she’s totally worth it.

Here are a few things you will realize when you date a tall girl.

1. You consider her as an equal.

When you date a tall girl, you consider her as your real partner. You don’t need to look down on her at all. In fact, a tall girl always puts forth a strong character. This makes you feel proud around her.

2. She can give the best hugs.

When you want a friendly hug, you don’t have to bend down. She’s nearly your height or as tall as you are. She can give you the best hug and make you feel special.

3. She takes the best selfies.

Do you want to take a picture of your date night? If you’re with the tall girl, then you are with the right person. Her long and sexy hands can take the best and perfect selfies.

4. She can intimidate you.

Tall girls fall into the category of the people who are always bold and opinionated. That’s why most tall girls intimidate short guys and even other girls. Tall girls are always noticeable and have a good head on their shoulders.

5. She is always on your level.

You never have to look down on her. Physically, she’s always on your level. This makes you feel that she’s at par with you for every other thing as well.

6. She looks good in almost anything.

Whatever she wears, a tall girl will always look lovely. In fact, the fashion industry itself is built around tall and slim models. She can wear a dress, a skirt, or even if she wears her casuals, she just looks perfect.