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Family, money, career and other things satisfy us, but at the end of the day, we all want to connect with someone. Hence, relationships have become essential for us to feel happy and fulfilling in this world.

Unlike what we expect usually, being in a relationship is not always a bright and happy experience. Different problems can ruin relationships. Some problems can even destroy our lives to a great extent. So it’s necessary to know exactly what makes a relationship healthy and worth it.

Here are a few things you need to know to make your relationship healthy and happy.

1. You deserve respect

Respect doesn’t mean you have to give in to everything that your partner says. It just means that you value each other. Be it your little dreams or your beliefs, if your partner can’t respect you for who you are, then there is a possibility that your relationship will turn out to be a bitter one.

2. You are comfortable

Are you comfortable being with your partner? If you aren’t sure, then you should reconsider being with this person. It’s very important to be yourself and feel comfortable with your partner. This is what makes the relationship happy and meaningful.

3. The fun element

The beginning of every relationship is always cheesy and romantic. But, after a point, if you can’t find the fun element, your relationship can get boring. Though everything seems happy and fine, unless you spend time laughing and going crazy, you can’t find happiness in your relationship.

4. Support to go ahead

In a relationship, things can go wrong. Disagreements and fights are all part of the game. In such situations, what matters is that you’re able to put your disagreements behind you and be there for each other.

5. Interests and goals matter

Always make sure that your partner is supportive of your dreams. It’s important that both of you have the freedom to follow your dreams, and you don’t have to make too many sacrifices just to be with each other.

6. You never change

Though relationships play an enormous impact in our lives, it’s important that you’re not forced to change yourself. You need someone who accepts you the way you are. People who want you to change are not going to keep you happy for long. In fact, such a relationship will not last long either.