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Every one needs a good dose of enthusiasm, a full battery recharge in the morning that can last the entire day. Our habits here can play a crucial role. Here are 6 rituals to super-charge your day.

1. Smile as soon as you wake up.

It might seem unnatural to smile as soon as you open your eyes from a long night’s sleep. You may have seen distressing dreams or may have been forced to wake up by an alarm clock, and might think of no reason to smile whatsoever. But we must understand that smile — natural or forced — does have an miraculous impact on us. It aligns us to positivity, which remains with us throughout the day. This feel-good vibe is all we need to work with enthusiasm and passion.

2. Drink one full glass of water.

We can all probably remember our moms advising us to drink water every morning. We followed this ritual in our school days, and now it seems like an old habit that only elderly follow. However, there is more evidence from research now that prove drinking water in the morning can help us become energetic, and therefore, productive at our work. Drink a full glass of water before drifting into your usual routine.

3. Spend some alone time.

On any given day, spending some time alone happens only when we have nothing to do. It’s not seen as a priority, and is therefore, never practiced. But because we live in an age of constant and deliberate engagement — with people, technology and media — we have somewhere lost a connection with our own selves. This can leave us empty from inside and in no mood to work. To avoid this, spend at least 15 minutes of alone time every day. You can choose to remain silent or do what you really love to do at that time.

4. Make your own cup of coffee.

It feels good to wake up to your loved one standing with a warm cup of coffee for you. But it can be even more fulfilling if you prepare your own cup of coffee. The simple act of watching the milk boil in the pan, adding just the right amount of coffee powder and then seeing the vapour rise from the cup as you pour the coffee into it, can leave you with a deep sense of happiness. It might seem like a small achievement, but it is all we need, sometimes, to kick-start a good day.

5. Read something inspiring.

Reading has always been one of the favorite rituals of successful people. But what is so special about reading especially in the morning? Early in morning, probably after taking a good bath, reading can turn out be a pretty useful activity. During that time of the day, you’re more open to thoughts and your mind is readily stimulated by ideas. So if you choose to read something inspiring every morning, you’re more prone to be self-motivated and ignited with passion to work.

6. Make a gratitude list.

There are always two ways of looking at things. One is with a sense of gratitude and the other is with indifference and annoyance. What we choose from the two defines how we lead our lives. People who tend to be grateful everyday for their experiences, talents and so on, are often happier than ones who tend to complain. Gratitude inspires us accept the life we have been gifted and wholeheartedly live without despair. This is, in fact, a skill, which you can practice by making a list of things you’re grateful for in your life. You’ll soon be a happier person if you follow this ritual.