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Sometimes we overlook the little things in life in our search for happiness. We think of big things like taking up a competitive profession or aiming for a secure bank balance. But that’s not the way to happiness. True happiness is made of the little things in life. They might seem too trivial to notice but can leave a massive positive impact on you.

Here are a few of those things that you can do to be happy.

1. Sway to your favorite music.

Listening to music is a way of finding happiness. In music, you can find peace, reminisce the good times, and open your mind up to a vast field of imagination. Music can refresh your mood and give you little moments of joy. Science says listening to music releases dopamine, a chemical responsible for making you feel good.

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2. Flip through the pages of a book.

Books are eye opening. They take you to faraway places, widen your senses, and expand your imagination. They present stories that can make you cheerful and wise.

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3. Happy homes make happy people.

Every home is made of many little memories. Love, joy, fun, tears and harmony come together to make a happy home of happy people. Spending time with family can keep you free of stress and anxiety. Sitting around the table over dinner or watching a movie together are ways to find happiness at home.

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4. Vintage artifacts.

Vintage things are a source of happiness. Handwritten letters, radio, playing cards, bell-bottoms are things from the past that are bound to make you feel good.

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5. A dog’s company.

Dogs are a companion like none other. Waking up every day to your furry dog’s smile will keep you joyous throughout the day. Thanks to their playfulness, you’ll feel like a child again.

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6. Photographs — a passageway to the happy old times.

So many amazing memories have been made in the past. Photographs are what brings all those memories to the present. It’s the best way to get a few minutes of those old happy memories.

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