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Feelings of frustration usually come up in relationships when a partner fails to meet the other’s expectations. Since this is common, feelings of frustration in relationships are common too. The strength of the relationship, therefore, lies in how you resolve these feelings. Here are simple, effective steps towards resolution.

1. Make peace with how you feel.

When your feelings of frustration get out of hand, try to stay calm, spend some alone time and think about what’s bothering you. Getting a firm hold on your thoughts and understanding yourself is essential for learning to deal effectively with frustration.

2. Identify the source of your frustration.

When you find yourself responding to your partner untowardly, you might surprise yourself with your behavior. This is a common sign of frustration. Try to find out the source of your frustration. That’s where this problem originates and holds the key for its resolution.

3. Take a good look at your expectations.

High expectations of your partner is another common reason for frustration. You should therefore take a good look at your expectations and find ways to manage them smartly. This is key to building a more peaceful and stable relationship.

4. Speak to your partner.

Open communication helps in maintaining a positive, healthy relationship. Telling your partner about your feelings of frustration without blaming them for it helps you express your feelings and makes it easier for you to resolve the problem with the help of your partner.

5. Reconnect with your partner emotionally.

Once you open up to your partner about your frustration, you feel connected to each other again. So, rejoice those moments and spend some more time with each other to clear all the misunderstandings. Do things together that will reduce the emotional gap that’s built up over a period of time.

6. Know the symptoms so you can kill frustration early next time.

After you find the trigger to your feelings of frustration and resolve it successfully, it’s time you take precautions to kill your frustration before it attacks you again. Whenever you feel that you’re beginning to get frustrated, resolve it early with the help of the five steps discussed so far. That’ll help you deal with it effectively, and in the long run.